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Team Building

How on earth can I turn these people into a team?

Move your team beyond the mere appearance of cooperation - the fantasy that collapses under pressure.

Team Building

Build an effective team

Course length : 1 days

Suitable for : Middle and Senior Managers

This course will tell you about the basic concepts and tools for working with teams, for example the needs of Task, Team, and Individual and the importance of the communication climate.

In addition to giving you these tools and understandings we will give you the skills to apply these to maximum effect. This will help your team move beyond the mere appearance of cooperation - the fantasy team that collapses under pressure.

You will learn to see through the games that such teams play, thus avoiding the confronting the reality of their situation. You and your team will be equipped to deal with reality before it deals with you.

After this course you will be able build a team :

  • That challenges people to perform rather than threatens them for under performing.
  • That really wants to engage with the team task, rather than appearing to engage by 'playing the game'.
  • That will embrace difficulties its confidence in itself is greater than its fear of failure.


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